Supplementary Discussion of William Faulkner's "That Will Be Fine"

 You are not assigned a specific question to answer in supplementary discussion, but feel free to use any of the question below or create your own. 

You are required to post to 5 supplementary discussions over the course of the semester. You can do more for extra credit, so long as you do it in the scheduled timeframe.

13 Questions To Ask of Every Story: 

1.          What makes this story “literary”? 


2.          Why is this story considered one of the best stories of the past hundred years? If it’s an old story, why has it endured?


3.          Why do you think this story was considered one of the best / most iconic stories at the time of its publication? What made it a “successful” story?


4.          Plot: What is the “rich ground situation” (conflict) of the story? What happens to complicate this ground situation?


5.          Plot: What is the climax of this story? How does the moment irrevocably change everything?


6.          Character: In what ways does the writer show character?


7.          Character: In what ways does the character drive the action of the story?


8.          Point of view: Why do you think the writer chose this particular point of view for the story? How does the point of view function to establish distance or make us feel a certain way?


9.          Setting: How does the setting work within the story? What are the key places, and in how does the writer describe them?


10.      Pick three of the best lines in the story. Why are they good lines?


11.      Do a little bit of research on this author. Is this story a good example of his/her work? Is there anything else you learned that could add to our understanding of the story?


12.      What do you think the reader is supposed to take from the story? What can we, as writers, learn from studying it?

13. How is this story similar to others we've read? How is it different?


  1. 8. Point of view: Why do you think the writer chose this particular point of view for the story? How does the point of view function to establish distance or make us feel a certain way?

    I thought the point of view for this story was very interesting and unique. The actual events of the story were complex but they were simplified by telling the story through the eyes of a seven year old boy. Yet, we still had a sense of what was happening because of the way that it was written. There was also a sense of innocence throughout the piece. He was caught in the middle of a dark and dangerous plan but all he was concerned about was getting his quarters and buying a Christmas present for his grandpa. I liked this choice for point of view and it is definitely not something that is seen very often.


    1. I agree-this point of view feels unique to Faulkner, himself.

  2. 6. Character: In what way does the writer show character?
    The writer shows character by having the words feel like it was a seven year old boy telling a story to us. I found this to be a very interesting choice that I don't think I have ever seen in a written piece of work. This adds character because this dark situation going on is being shown to us threw the eyes of an innocent child to the point where I didn't even fully catch on to what was going on until near the end.

    1. I confess, I was right there with you. I had to read this a couple of times before I fully understood what was happening, in part because of the boy's innocent perspective.


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