Welcome to Creative Writing 303: Intermediate Fiction Writing!

If you're reading this page you are enrolled (or have been invited to participate in) this intermediate fiction short story course at Boise State University.

I'm Cynthia Hand, the instructor for the course. See the Professor page for more information about me and how you can get in contact with me throughout the semester.

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So, a little basic information about the course. In this class we will:

   Write. In the next fifteen weeks you'll write and workshop one literary short story, two separate times, the goal being that at the end of the course you will have revised that story until it is all polished up. We'll also do a myriad of writing exercises along the way.

   Read. A lot. At the end of this class you'll have read at least 18 published short stories and 12 unpublished stories written by your peers. Your eyes will be tired.

   Learn the ins and outs of crafting literary fiction. Every week we will discuss different elements of craft and new techniques for you to try when you write your own stories. We will also be closely imitating some of the greatest writers of our time.

   Talk to a pro. We'll get to chat with a published literary author Ben Percy about how he writes his literary stories, and how that’s different from the other genres he writes in. Come with questions.

   Did I mention we’d be doing a lot of reading? And writing? Good. Because that’s this class in a nutshell—reading and writing.

Eager to get started?  Check out the Syllabus and the Homework Schedule for more information.

See you in Zoom! (Please access our Zoom meetings through the Blackboard page!)


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